We ship our products anywhere in the world.You are also welcome to arrange your own shipping method.

Shipping costs are based on destination address, weight and size of the products, ie, the more products you order the higher the shipping costs, also the heavier the products the higher the shipping costs (the dimensions of every product are shown directly in the “Additional Information” section under each product). Until we receive an actual order we have no way of quoting on the shipping costs. You are welcome to place an order and request a shipping quote, if you are not happy with the shipping quote you can cancel your order at any stage or arrange you own transport.

TANZANIAN CUSTOMERS: deliveries from 1 to 7 days depending on the area and the size of the order.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: 14 to 21 days is the average.

On receipt of your order, you will receive a quote advising you on delivery/shipping lead time.